Jeevan Sekhar


Jeevan Sekhar is a physician of hematology/oncology and one of the founding members of the Reid Cancer Center at Reid Hospital in Richmond, IN specializing in the treatment of blood diseases and cancer. He first started studying martial arts as a child learning Isshinryu Karate where he attained his Shodan or first degree black belt.  After moving away from his original dojo in 1991, he did not return to martial arts in earnest until moving to Richmond, Indiana where he discovered Meng’s Martial Arts of Richmond. The broad array of offerings from Qigong and Tai chi to Wushu/weapons to Shaolin Wing Chun fulfilled all of his martial arts interests from the physical to the metaphysical.  Meng’s of Richmond has become an integral part of his life, and the interactions he has had not only with Sifu Noaks but also with his Kung fu brothers and sisters have allowed him to learn an immense amount about himself and the universe. He is excited to be part of the assistant instructors program hoping to help others also strive to achieve their maximum potential.


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