Mighty Mights



Martial arts offers your child the opportunity to be a part of a group of positive, encouraging people of many ages while simultaneously working, progressing and developing through their own efforts. By being directly responsible for his or her own success, your child will develop greater self-confidence and self-esteem as he or she meets with success after success.

Mighty Mights is designed for students aged 3-5. In these classes, we emphasize Focus, Self-Control, Discipline, Respect for self and others, and active and playful engagement, all through the framework of martial arts.

Our program has a long history of helping children reach their full potential.  Children dealing with bullying, low self-esteem/confidence, depression, ADHD and even on the autism spectrum have achieved success at Meng’s of Richmond.

All of our classes are lead by experienced and qualified instructors. Typically there are two instructors on the floor during each class to ensure that every student gets the attention deserved and to ensure every students safety.


Your child’s future is in your hands. Shouldn’t you do everything within your power to give your child a strong foundation in all areas of life?

We can help. Call or visit us TODAY to start your child’s FREE Two Week Trial!!!



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