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Meng’s of Richmond is proud to announce that Mr. Niswonger has been accepted into the Lohan/Disciple Candidate Program!!!

Students must be invited by Master Noaks into the Lohan/Disciple Candidate Program. In order to be invited, a student must work hard at home, in school, and at the Kwoon. They must strive to be focused, and ready to learn and/or lead when class is in session. Mr. Niswonger has demonstrated his dedication and his intent as a martial artist, and as such we welcome him to the next steps of his individual and personal Kung Fu journey.

Meng’s Martial Arts of Richmond Celebration Dinner with Grand Master Benny Meng. Baat Jaam Dao International Certification.



Meng’s of Richmond is excited to announce the return of our Wushu Program!

Wushu classes are on Fridays after Tiger/Dragon class! We are presently training Shaolin Long Fist!

What does Wushu mean?
Wushu literally translates to ‘Martial Art’.

What is the Wushu Program?
The Wushu program focuses heavily on form work, and is a great addition to those seeking to better their stance work and physical strength and endurance.

Call our office TODAY to learn more about our Wushu Program and how to get started!

Newcomers, we welcome you to join our family and learn the sacred art of Shaolin Wing Chun Kung Fu. Your first two weeks are free, so call and set up an appointment TODAY!